Arbor Trace in Austell – A Search

Arbor Trace in Austell

I was looking for a place for my mother in law to move to after she fell and broke her hip. She was recovering fine, but it was obvious that she wasn’t going to be able to live in her old house anymore. The fall where she got hurt was her sixth one in as many months! She needed to move to an independent or senior living community where there would be someone around to keep an eye on her.

She wasn’t ready for an assisted living community or a nursing home, but she needed more support than an average neighborhood could provide. A senior living community with on-site services seemed like the best alternative.

We had lived near a beautiful senior community when we lived in Naples, Florida. It was called Arbor Trace. It looked more like a resort than a senior living community, and everyone who lived there had seemed very happy with it. Unfortunately, we didn’t live in Naples anymore and neither did my mother in law. Now we lived in Austell, Georgia.

“No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just find a branch of the Arbor Trace community around here.” So I fired up my laptop and started to look for Arbor Trace in Austell. I was sure that I would find something fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to be the case. While I could find Arbor Trace senior living communities in Naples and Richmond, Indiana, there didn’t seem to be one anywhere near Austell. I was so disappointed! I had my heart set both on keeping my mother in law local so that we could go visit her, but also on having her at an Arbor Trace community.

But I couldn’t afford to stay daunted for long. My mother in law was counting on me to find her the perfect senior living community. So instead I looked for senior living communities in Austell. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of results that I found. One website listed over sixty options within just a few minutes drive of us.

But I didn’t want to depend on a Google search to find my mother in law a place to live. She deserved better than that. I needed to talk to people that lived in these communities to see who was happy and who wasn’t. I also needed to compare costs, to make sure that the community I selected was affordable for my mother in law.

A few weeks later, I had settled on a place. My mother in law loves it! It’s a cozy little apartment in a beautiful building. Her neighbors are nice people, and there are lots of useful services inside the apartment building itself. They even have a hair salon right off the lobby!

While originally I had my heart set on sending my mother in law to an Arbor Trace community here in Austell, I’m happy with my choice. I still wish that Arbor Trace had been an option, though.

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