Is Arbor Trace In Austell A Good Place To Spend The Golden Years?

Arbor Trace

Is Arbor Trace in Austell a good place to spend your golden years? It certainly can be, if you are looking for particular things. Arbor Trace properties tend to offer quite a few advantages, benefits, and conveniences that their residents get to enjoy, which might explain why they are such famous and popular options in the regions where they build communities. Senior citizens and those old enough to live in such places certainly have much to enjoy and gain from their membership and involvement in such places.

First of all, most Arbor Trace locations have a minimum age requirement of 55 years of age before you can move in. It is not that younger people are not welcome to visit, but they can not be residents of the property or own their own units within the community. The older generations get to enjoy the companionship and social structure that comes with being around people their own age and generations, which is something that most people of any age find to be something about life to enjoy. However, since the age floor is 55, there are still multiple generations present within Arbor Trace, which makes for a vibrant and active community.

Even though Arbor Trace is a retirement community, it is far from a retirement home. It is an active resort with a great many recreational and physical activities available. These are not just here to keep residents active and healthy but so they enjoy their lives to the fullest! Be it dancing, swimming, or golfing, there are multiple choices every day and a robust social calendar for residents to take part in as they see fit. They can continue doing things they love while also exploring new interests and hobbies along the way.

One thing that separates Arbor Trace from other retirement communities is that the residents can actually have 100 percent ownership of their condominiums, so it is not a matter of forking over your life savings in order to have space here from the ownership company. You get to keep ownership of your own home, and that wealth can pass on to your heirs if the day comes that happens. You also stay in control of your own estate while getting the benefits of a managed community, giving you the best of both worlds. Maintenance assistance is available.

Perhaps of more interest is that lifetime health care is available on-site. This is for qualified individuals, and of course there are limitations, but what other retirement community offers you a combination of home ownership and health care all combined with active social calendars and sports and fitness? Not everyone who visits or looks at Arbor Trace decides it is for them, but most do, so if you ever get the chance to join such a community, think hard before passing it up. Such rare opportunities to make your golden years so rich and awesome don’t come along very often.

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